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Profile: Homebuyer Counselor

  • 141 North Livermore Avenue,
    Livermore, CA 94550
    (925) 373-3130
Executive Director
  • Milly Seibel
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Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center

Mission at a Glance

The Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center (the Center) is a nonprofit HUD-approved housing counseling agency, offering unbiased, personalized guidance through the complex process of finding a home, or saving homes from foreclosure.

Agency Highlights

We provide a welcoming place where homebuyers and renters of all income levels, backgrounds and needs, can get personalized information to guide them through the process of finding a home or saving the home they have. We continue to focus on our core programs: pre and post foreclosure counseling, financial literacy and education, and homebuyer education. During the past five years, the Center has helped more than 250 families prevent foreclosure, acquire permanent housing and stabilize their lives. The Center does not represent a particular city, developer, mortgage provider or realtor. However, the Center has created successful partnerships with all
of these strategically important participants in the home buying process.

Homebuyer Counseling Classes

In order to purchase a home listed on, a homebuyer must complete eight (8) hours of HUD-certified homebuyer counseling classes. These classes will provide valuable information to help navigate the home purchase process. We are proud to be a HUD-approved provider of these classes. We look forward to working with you.