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Profile: Homebuyer Counselor

Executive Director
  • Lynette Gibson McElhaney
First Time Homebuyer Program

East Bay Neighborhood Housing Services

Mission at a Glance

The mission of East Bay Neighborhood Housing Services (“East Bay NHS”) is to strengthen low income families and neighborhoods through the promotion of affordable housing and financial literacy.

Agency Highlights

Founded by a dedicated group of low-income Richmond residents, East Bay NHS was established to reverse the adverse effects of systemic segregation, redlining, disinvestment and blight. Today, we have grown to serve the needs of over 7,500 families across the East Bay. East Bay NHS continues to work for a more just and equitable society.  In 2009, we refined our vision and adopted the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative to assist homeowners and communities by restoring vitality to neighborhoods ravaged by the foreclosure crisis.

Through this initiative, we partner with local governments and community groups to restore economic vitality, cohesion and safety in hard-hit neighborhoods by working in partnership with residents, local governments, businesses and financial institutions on a two-pronged strategy that focuses on:

  • Foreclosure Prevention: Designed to limit the number of families forced to leave their homes, due to foreclosure
  • Economic Stabilization and Recovery: Education and counseling programs available for families and neighborhoods.

East Bay NHS is proud to be a chartered member of the national NeighborWorks network.

Homebuyer Counseling Classes

In order to purchase a home listed on HomeHub, homebuyers must complete eight (8) hours of HUD-certified homebuyer counseling classes. These classes will provide valuable information to help you navigate the home purchase process. We are a HUD-approved provider of these classes. For information on when and where upcoming classes will be held, please reference the link and contact information provided.