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Profile: Homebuyer Counselor

Executive Director
  • Donald Gilmore
First Time Homebuyer Program


Mission at a Glance

The mission of CHDC is to create and sustain vibrant communities that make a positive impact in people’s lives, by providing high quality affordable housing and neighborhood services.

Agency Highlights

In addition to being a developer, we are a HUD-approved housing counseling agency and a member of NeighborWorks America, a national nonprofit organization chartered by Congress to support community development and revitalization. We created our First Time Homebuyer Program in 2002, so that residents of the neighborhoods where we were developing affordable homes for sale would be able to buy the homes being built. Since creating the First Time Homebuyer Program, we have assisted more than 400 low-income households in purchasing homes. About half of these homes are properties we developed, the other half are properties in which we assisted other developers in finding eligible buyers for affordable homes within their new developments.

Our First Time Homebuyer Program helps low and moderate-income potential homeowners overcome the barriers that they commonly experience. Our program educates buyers about loan products and terms, counseling them to obtain financing they can afford, how to plan to avoid future problems and build equity over time. As an indication of our success, foreclosure among the 400+ homebuyers in this program has been extremely rare.

Homebuyer Counseling Classes

In order to purchase a home listed on homehubTM, homebuyers must complete eight (8) hours of HUD-certified homebuyer counseling classes. These classes will provide valuable information to help you navigate the home purchase process. We are a HUD-approved provider of these classes. For information on when and where upcoming classes will be held, please reference the link and contact information provided. We look forward to hearing from you.