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  • Cort Gross
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Oakland Community Land Trust

Mission at a Glance

The Oakland Community Land Trust was founded to combat community deterioration and expand housing and economic development opportunities for low and moderate income residents.

Our Neighborhood Stabilization Efforts

The Oakland Community Land Trust (OakCLT) offers a unique opportunity to low-income working families to enjoy many of the benefits of homeownership in the heart of one of the highest cost areas in the country. Our homes are carefully renovated with many green features and then sold using the principles of a “community land trust model.” This model, among many other benefits, accomplishes three important goals:

  1. It provides for a modest but guaranteed return on your investment;
  2. It protects you from any loss in property values due to a bad market; and
  3. It ensures that the Oakland community will have affordable homes available for future generations, making it possible for your children and your grandchildren to stay close to home.

Interested? While it may take a little time to learn how a land trust model works, the potential benefit to you and your family is well worth the investment. If you are already working with a realtor, please makes sure they know this program and its commissions are designed to work just like a traditional sale, no different than if you bought a conventional home. Give us a call so we can start the conversation.