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  • Janice Jensen
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Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley

Mission at a Glance

Inspired by God’s love, our mission is to revitalize neighborhoods and create sustainable homeownership opportunities for families with limited incomes.

Our Neighborhood Stabilization Efforts

Habitat focuses on providing high quality renovations that will provide you with a healthy, safe and comfortable new home. We fix major maintenance issues that could potentially become a burden to a new homebuyer. Energy and water conservation is considered in all our homes and homes renovated in Alameda County under our NSP2 program come with a GreenPoint Rating, which means that their performance in conservation and green standards has been officially evaluated by Build It Green. This means the home conserves energy, water and material resources for improved safety, health and comfort. Working in partnership with local government and community supporters to purchase abandoned homes, Habitat then renovates and sells them to families at affordable prices. This innovative program has turned blight into opportunity, helping hard working families achieve the dream of home ownership. In our first 20 years, Habitat East Bay served 200 families in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. In addition, our global investment program has helped us serve another 469 families through Habitat affiliates overseas.

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