Realtors are critical to the success of the Bay Area’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program. In fact, homehub was created in large part to make it easier for Realtors to learn about NSP and renovated homes for sale that might be the perfect match for their client.
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Buyer’s Agents

We invite Realtors and their buyers to learn more about what makes homes featured on HomeHub© such a great value. Key things you should know:

  1. Our homes can only be used as buyer’s primary residence. They can’t be purchased as investment properties.
  2. Because of the social mission of participating developers, homes are renovated with care, so a buyer isn’t facing costly repairs from day one.
  3. Homebuyer counselors are available to help buyers qualify for the program and obtain financing.
  4. Down payment and closing cost assistance is available to buyers in many areas.
  5. We recognize that despite the housing crisis, we are in a competitive market. All realtors are paid market-rate commissions.*

* Exact commissions vary by Developer. Please contact their Seller’s Agents to learn more.

Seller's Agents

Each of our Developers work with Realtor partners to list and market their renovated NSP homes. Contact the realtors directly and learn about homes in the pipeline. Use our search function to view available homes, "For Sale" and "Coming Soon".