To achieve the goals of the NSP Program, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) contracts with local and state government agencies. Please take a moment to learn about what each government agency is doing to help transform blight into opportunity.
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Meet Your Government Agencies

These local governments are in a better position to assess local market conditions, team up with local partners and design NSP-funded programs that respond to the evolving needs of the communities they represent. As a result, each government agency operates a slightly different program. In some cases, a number of local governments came together to form a “consortium”, which was then awarded NSP funds. In the case of a consortium, a lead agency is chosen to operate the program on behalf of the other members. This helps to expand the reach of the program, while reducing the administrative costs associated with ramping up and operating a brand new government program. Click on the government agency name, and you’ll be transported to their individual profiles.