Under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), a developer’s job is to transform vacant or blighted properties into quality, renovated and affordable homes for sale to qualified low and moderate-income buyers.
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Many homes for sale today are owned by investors or contractors whose business depends on selling these homes for more than they spent to purchase and fix it. In this housing market, it is very difficult for them to tackle the costly repairs of the “invisible” systems, such as the furnace, the roof, or the foundation, and still make a profit. Instead, they put their limited dollars toward the features a homebuyer can see. As a result, many homebuyers have purchased homes with a fresh coat of paint and brand new carpet, only to discover they now face years of expensive repairs.

Our homes are different. Thanks to the funding and support provided by NSP, our mission-driven developers make fixing the home right their number one priority. Each developer has unique offerings, so please take a moment to learn more about them, and their commitment to improving East Bay communities, home by home, block by block. Click on the developer name, and you’ll be taken to their individual profiles.