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Homebuyer counselors are here to help you navigate the home-buying process. Find out if you qualify for our homes. The financial benefits are significant, thanks to the support of your federal and local governments in partnership with mission-driven agencies.
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These homes are not available to everyone. Qualification begins by determining if you are eligible to buy one of our renovated homes. If you meet all four of the following conditions, you may be a perfect HomeHub© candidate!

  1. You must have a household income of:
    • Less than $75,000 for a household of 1
    • Less than $85,680 for a household of 2
    • Less than $93,360 for a household of 3
    • Less than $107040 for a household of 4
    • Less than $115,680 for a household of 5
    • Less than $124,200 for a household of 6
  2. This home must be your primary residence.
  3. You must have at least a 3.5 % down payment to put toward the purchase.
  4. You are committed to take eight hours of homebuyer education classes designed to prepare you for homeownership. It will demystify the process and help you improve your financial profile.

Let’s get you qualified. Meet with a counselor and learn more.
A counselor can help you understand your options, organize your finances, package your loan application and connect you to mortgage lenders that understand our program. And, depending on where your home is located, you may qualify for down payment and closing cost assistance.

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